5 tips to easily eat more fruits and vegetables

We would all like to eat more fruits and vegetables to reach the grail of the five dailies. And thus improve their diet and work for their line.

But as some struggle to succeed in diversifying their menus, here are some simple tips to lighten his plate without going on a diet.

Tips to easily eat more fruits and vegetables

Well anticipatefruits and vegetables

If you prepare your fruits and vegetables in advance, it will be easier to use them as snacks throughout the day. Wash and cut fruits, peel and slice carrots, cucumbers, celery and other easy-to-nibble vegetables and keep them cool in a fridge-proof container. Thus, the preparation time will not deter you, which will avoid you to opt for a chocolate bar or a bag of chips in case of craving. It is also recommended to wash your salad at the beginning of the week to accompany your dinners, with ease.

Add a portion to each meal, that’s enough

You can start with a banana for breakfast, a handful of berries at noon or an extra serving of vegetables at dinner. Just start with a meal and its extra portion, before switching to a portion at all meals, which allows to quickly approach the 5 fruits and vegetables daily.

Opt for a fruit rather than a sweet dessertfruits and vegetables

If you choose a ripe fruit instead of a dessert you will not only gain in nutrients. But you will also limit your caloric intake and your intake of sugars. Red fruits, pineapple, and mango are good options to meet a craving for sugar. Continue reading- The 5 best but not very known foods you should start eating this summer

Fresh products, not only

Fresh fruits and vegetables are incomparable but it is difficult to market several times a week. When time is of the essence and you do not necessarily have the time to prepare freshly made products, canned or frozen vegetables can do the trick. Similarly, to avoid spoiling vegetables or fruits that are damaged, do not hesitate to freeze them for later use. However, it is not recommended to consume fruit in jars, too concentrated in sugar. And advised limiting its contribution in fruit juices, often too low in nutrients compared to fresh fruits.

Vary the pleasuresfruits and vegetables

If you are struggling to reach your quota of five daily fruits and vegetables. Because you find them too boring, do not hesitate to try different products. For example, choose something you have never tried, learn how to cook it. And you may discover a fruit or vegetable that will become your favorite. Do not hesitate to add spices, new herbs. And herbs to your shopping list and find new ways to prepare fruits and vegetables.

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