London Businesses that are thriving, in this difficult economic climate.

Unfortunately, with the economic climate being as difficult as it was this last year, and the serious aftereffects of the Covid Pandemic, many businesses have collapsed and companies that had been previously prosperous have had to close for good!  Thankfully though, there are some sectors of the business industry that are thriving especially in London.  Pension Funding has grown over the past couple of years, mainly because of the start of automatic enrolment for employees into work Pension schemes. Banks are another sector that are flourishing, mainly because interest rates have been so high, and loans have become much more expensive for customers to pay back.

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The Construction Industry is also back in business, after several lean years when new house building contracts almost stopped, the number of new builds is now soaring and profits in the housing market are once again rocketing. London traffic is notoriously busy and with so many cars, lorries, motorbikes, motorhomes, caravans, and other motorised vehicles on the very congested roads in London, it’s not surprising that more and more accidents happen.

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This unfortunate occurrence has had a positive effect on elite companies such as who provide specialist Spill Kits that can clear up any potentially fatal spillages of diesel, petrol or oil caused by such accidents. The use of Spill Kits has proven to be very effective, and they are commonly used at the site of vehicle accidents where fuel has caused dangerous conditions on the roads.


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