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It’s that time when many businesses will reflect on their successes or lack thereof from the previous year. If you’re thinking of rebranding or launching a new product this year, it will certainly pay to have a strategy. If you’re a small business, you may not have a massive budget for advertising and marketing, but there are plenty of ways to promote your brand.

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Strategic partnerships with other businesses can raise your local profile significantly. These are not mergers but partnerships where you can pool resources and maximise potential by sharing skills, networks, customer bases, and ideas. Put all agreements in writing, so each party knows what to expect from the partnership. These partnerships can accelerate growth; for example, if you own a local business, collaboration with a local event will boost brand awareness in front of a target audience.

Sponsorship is another great idea for businesses of any size. It is often cheaper than advertising with a more focused targeted audience. It would immediately create a relationship with loyal fans if you sponsored a local football club, for example. It is much more engaging than some marketing activities, and if you find something that fits with your brand strategy, you can negotiate a deal that gets you the most suitable benefits. For help with this, consider a Brand Strategy Agency like Really Helpful Marketing.

Running competitions can prove popular as who can resist the thought of winning a prize. This is an ideal way to get your brand out there. Competitions can be a crucial feature of your brand profile-raising strategy. This also allows partnering up with another business to help you with the prize.

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Holding an event can also boost your brand’s profile and put you firmly on the local radar as you drum up some advertising from a local newspaper or radio station. Give people a reason and an incentive to attend and encourage people to stay in touch after the event. This is where social media plays its part. Using social media and a website will ensure that you can deliver information and topics that will keep attendees interested, and even those who don’t attend will still be engaged. Consider a Brand Strategy Agency to assist you.

If you or one of your employees has particular expertise in business, then why not think about sharing this knowledge? That person could speak at business clubs, groups, or local events. You could offer advice, and your brand position will definitely rise by demonstrating such authority and leadership.



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