5 Tips for Adapting Recipes to Make Them Healthier

Every time that we go into our kitchens to prepare a meal, there’s a choice that we have to make: We can make a dish that is loaded with fat, salt and rich creams or we can look for alternatives that will result in meals that are just as appetizing but a lot healthier in the process.

If you’re someone who is interested in eating in a more physically beneficial way, you’re in luck. We’re going to share with you five tips for adapting recipes in such a way that they will be better for both you and your family below:

Bake instead of fry. Do you love eating French fries, fried chicken or fried fish? If so, as you’re trying to eat healthier, the good news is that you don’t have to go without these tasty delights. You simply need to prepare them in a different kind of way. By opting to bake your potatoes and meats, you end up consuming a lot less oil. Plus, if you remove the skin from your chicken and fish, you end up not eating as much fat too.

Eat whole grains. If you were to speak with a nutritionist about something that you can do in order to eat healthier, we’re pretty sure that one of the things that they would recommend is that you forego eating a lot of “white foods”; that you opt for eating whole grains instead. For instance, rather than consuming white rice, opt for brown and instead of baking with white sugar, consider brown sugar or honey. The problem with white foods is that they are considered to be bad carbs while foods that are made of whole grains (or are brown in color) are loaded with vitamins nutrients and fibers. So, if you were wondering if white bread is something else that you should go without, it’s definitely healthier to eat wheat or whole grain bread too.

Minimize salt intake. There are a lot of people who end up having water retention simply due to all of the salt that they eat on a daily basis. And while we can certainly understand why you would want to eat dishes that have a lot of flavor, our recommendation is that you consider swapping out the salt for herbs. It’s a healthier approach, plus herbs can bring a lot of unexpected-yet-pleasant surprises to your palate.

Use butter instead of oil. It might surprise you, just how beneficial real butter can be but the reality is that it has all kinds of health advantages. Not only is it rich in Vitamin A, E and K as well as antioxidants, but it has been directly attributed to hindering tooth decay, increasing fertility in women and also being a great source of energy.

Try yogurt instead of cream. If you’re someone who loves homemade desserts, then you probably use cream in a lot of your recipes. However, if you go to a website likeRecipeChart.com for healthy recipes when it comes to sweets , you’ll probably see examples of where yogurt is a great substitute for cream. The end result is a lighter dessert that still tastes just as good. For more information on the health benefits of yogurt, visit Fitness Magazine and put “health benefits of yogurt” in the search field.


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