Penis weights: What are they, their pros and cons?

Alright, guys let’s face it. You want a bigger penis and every time you see those porn stars and “their third legs” you wish yours is as big as theirs. Or you wonder if they just go that size or had to do “something” to get it that huge.

It’s OK if you feel like that, like having a bigger ‘member.’ After all bigger is better right? And not to talk about the huge boost in confidence you get with the knowledge that you’re well-endowed down there.

Now if you are like most men you would be wondering which of the several products and solutions out there can provide you with the desired results. Some of the products you will find on the market promising to enlarge your penis size include penis pumps like the Bathmate hydromax Xtreme, creams and lubes, penis weights, and so much more.

Let us take a closer look at penis weights, one of the most widely used penis enhancement gadgets, and see if it actually works.

What are penis weights?

They are weights hung from the penis to stimulate stretching of the penile tissues with the aim of making it grow longer. The user usually wears it every day for better results.

This method of enhancing the penis has been in practice for thousands of years, with the early men tying stones as their weights.

How does penis weight work?

The penis weight induces a tension on the penile tissues, resulting in micro-tears which during repairs the cells undergo new cellular growth leading to a larger member.

Some users have reported as much as an addition of half an inch in both length and girth after four weeks of use.

Benefits of using penis enlargement weights

Using pressure to enhance your penis size and girth has its advantages, and they include:

  • It is hands-free – you are not encumbered holding the weights once they are attached to your member. Though you’d be wise to restrict your movement to avoid hurting yourself
  • It strengthens your penile muscles – with the tension tugging at your member, the muscles are stretched and reinforced which in the long term will lead to increase in both length and size of your penis.
  • It is an effective method of enhancing your penis – Even though it might take a while for the effects to be visible, several studies and reports have shown that hanging weights from the penis does actually help improve the size and girth of your member.
  • It is safe – as long as it is used correctly and within reason, it is safe. You’re advised to start off slowly with smaller weights and build up your tolerance as you go.

Disadvantages of using penis weights

Even with the numerous benefits listed above, using weights for penis enlargement could pose some risk, and they include:

  • You could injure yourself – There’s a danger of getting injured while using the device, especially in cases where it was improperly used. Hence care should be taken while using it
  • Your movements are restricted – using the weight means you are not at liberty to move about to avoid injury and damage the penile tissues.
  • It requires privacy – since you’re going to be wearing only your shirts and the weights, it is important to have a secluded place where you are free to wear your weights. And in situations, where you can’t get your privacy it becomes challenging using them.

Final thoughts on penis weight

Penis weights are non-medication means of enhancing the penis – it induces the natural cellular growth which is crucial for a penis enlargement. However, precaution should be taken while using the device to avoid damage to the penile tissues.


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