The 13 best tricks to sleep better in summer and not spend the heat

The hot summer nights are a challenge when it comes to falling asleep. You start tossing and turning in bed, you open the windows hoping that a breeze of air will come in to give you comfort, and even the bathtub no longer seems so uncomfortable in order to alleviate the heat that prevents you from resting during the nights of summer. The best tricks to sleep better in summer and not spend the heat.

The optimal temperature for sleeping is between 16 ° and 21 °, although to get to sleep properly, the brain needs to be a little cooler than the rest of the body. Something that is not always easy with a night temperature that, in many places, can be placed at 28 ° during the hottest days of summer.

These are some of the best tricks to sleep in summer and not spend heat. With them you will get to sleep more quickly and win the battle in the heat, making you rest properly and get up fresh as a lettuce.

Correctly choosing the fabric of the bedding, watching what is eaten on the hottest days or placing the bed in a strategic place in the house can be one of the tricks to avoid heat and sleep in summer without air conditioning. But there is more and then we tell you all.

1. Put the sheets in the freezersleep better

It may seem a somewhat drastic method, but it really works. Before going to sleep, put the sheets you are going to use that night in a bag, and leave it in the freezer for a few minutes.

That time will be enough to refresh you while you sleep, which is the most critical phase.

If you do not have enough space in the freezer to put the sheets in, at least try it with the pillowcase. The sensation of freshness that it provides will lower your body temperature and help you fall asleep on hot summer nights. It is one of the best tricks to sleep better in summer. Keep reading- The Homemade moisturizing mask for dry skin

2. Refresh the strategic points of your bodysleep better

In the body, there are certain strategic areas in which, if you manage to cool the blood flow that passes through them, you will be able to lower your body temperature and with it the sensation of heat that prevents you from falling asleep in summer.

To achieve this, use a bag of water (like the ones your mother used to put on you when you were sick in winter), fill it with cold water and put it in the freezer or in the fridge. When you go to sleep, place the bag on the knees, ankles, wrists, neck, groin, and elbows.

After a while, you will notice that the sensation of heat has been reduced and your body will be ready to fall into the arms of Morpheus.

3. Aloe vera creams sleep better

Many creams, lotions, and aftersun are made with aloe vera or menthol for their refreshing properties. One of the best tricks to sleep better in summer and not spend heat is to take advantage of that coolness to combat the heat before going to sleep.

Aloe vera, in addition to taking care of your skin and moisturizing it gives you a sensation of freshness that will help you lower your body temperature until reaching a comfortable point that will make you fall asleep even on the hottest summer nights.

To increase that feeling you can keep the bottle of cream or lotion inside the refrigerator.

4. To sleep, better cotton sleep better

The correct choice of tissues that will come into contact with your skin during the night has a great impact on your body temperature. Choose fine quality cotton sheets and, if you wear pajamas, avoid synthetic fabrics.

The cotton will help improve the perspiration of the skin and will keep you cool all night long acting as a temperature regulator. It is one of the best tricks to sleep better in summer.

5. Watch what you eat

Food is our main source of energy, so to digest it also burns part of that energy in the form of heat.

Try to avoid eating too many proteins during dinner as these require a greater metabolic effort for your digestion and will increase your body temperature. Something you should avoid at all costs if you want to sleep well in summer.

Also, try to eat slightly spicy foods, but always do it at least three hours before going to sleep. These foods will make you sweat and this will refresh your body.

6. Do not play sports at night sleep better

It is important to avoid the hottest hours of the day to play sports, given the health risk that implies. This causes many people to defer their sporting activities until the sun goes down and temperatures are softened. It is one of the best tricks to sleep better in summer.

A good trick to sleep well in summer and not spend heat is to try sports at dawn, instead of when the sun has already fallen and you are closer to bedtime.

When you play sports, your body activates and raises its temperature. This effect will be extended for a few hours after having carried out the sporting activity, something that you are interested in avoiding to fall asleep in summer.

7. Take a warm shower sleep better

When you are suffocated by the heat, what you most want is to take a cold shower. However, although in principle you get a very restorative feeling, minutes later it has a rebound effect and you will end up having more heat than before the shower.

Instead, adjust the water temperature so that it is slightly warm. This similarity of temperature between the shower water and your body temperature creates an effect similar to that made by the sweat and will balance your temperature creating a longer lasting comfort sensation. It is one of the best tricks to sleep better in summer.

It is one of the best tricks to sleep better in summer and without passing heat.

8. Keep your house coolsleep better

Your house in summer should be like an oasis that you reach after crossing the desert: a cool place to recover after a hot summer day. Prevent your home from getting hot during the day and it will be easier for you to fall asleep at night.

To do this, ventilate the entire house during the first hours of the day and before going to sleep. The rest of the day, try to protect the windows with awnings, lower blinds, close windows and run curtains. Everything that is necessary in order to avoid that fresh air escapes and enter the hot air from outside.

Closing the doors also helps keep your house cool during the summer by isolating the hottest areas of your house during the day, from the coolest ones.

9. Turn off electronic devicessleep better

The electronic devices generate heat when they are used when driving the electricity through their circuits the air that is around them is heated. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep all those electronic devices away from your bed.

If possible, take them out of the room or avoid using them before going to bed. Electric air fresheners and power strips are also included in this category.

These devices are permanently driving electricity, so they are constantly producing a small amount of heat.

10. Keep your feet out sleep better

It is one of the simplest tricks to fall asleep in summer, but keeping your feet cool will help you to fall asleep faster.

As we saw in the first tricks to sleep better in summer, refresh certain points contribute to lower body temperature. The feet are an area with a high incidence in the regulation of temperature, so keeping them out of bed will make it easier to fall asleep, even if it is hot.

11. Avoid drinking water before going to sleep sleep better

During the summer months, it is important to stay hydrated as sweating increases and the risk of losing too much fluid is high. However, avoid drinking too much water before going to sleep.

To conciliate the dream with heat is something really exhausting and one of the key phases to rest during the night, therefore, it tries not to ruin all the effort that you have done to get to fall asleep having to get up to the bathroom at midnight.

If that happens, it is very likely that it will cost you to go back to sleep having to start from scratch the whole process to lower the temperature of your body.

12. Better to sleep alone sleep better

Summer is the perfect time to find love, but if you want to continue enjoying it in the morning, you better not share the bed with anyone. Two bodies, double heat.

The effector is even worse if you do not have a large bed because if one of you falls asleep before will generate more heat, putting the most difficult things to still awake.

13. Find the coolest area of the house

If your house has two floors, try to sleep on the lowest floor. The hot air tends to rise, so the upper floors will always have a higher temperature than the lower ones.

The effect is even more noticeable if it is on the last floor since the roof will receive heat throughout the day and will heat the air inside making it impossible to sleep due to the accumulated heat.

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