Common mistakes when doing physical activity

Doing Physical activity is a fundamental factor to have a healthy lifestyle. With results that impact not only the health. But also the harmony of the body and the emotional well-being of the people.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), regular exercise reduces the risk of hypertension, diabetes, breast and colon cancer and depression; improves bone health and is a key determinant in energy expenditure, maintaining caloric balance and weight control.

Many wonders why even though they doing physical activity they do not get the expected results. That is, perhaps, one of the reasons why they renounce this. The answer could be in the following list, which lists the most common errors when exercising. Continue reading- 7 tips for beginners at the gym

Do not eat anything before trainingdoing physical activity

According to physical trainer Miguel Angel Laverde, the stomach should not be empty before exercising because the metabolism is not activated correctly, but neither should it be too full. “The idea is to eat a snack of between 50 and 100 calories, which can be a piece of fruit, cheese, yogurt or ham slice,” the expert told Cromos magazine. It is one of the mistakes when doing physical activity.

Do not heatdoing physical activity

Warming up for 15 minutes before starting the exercise routine allows your muscles to activate, lubricate the joints and increase blood flow, thus preparing the body for activities that require strength. In addition, it avoids injuries and favors performance.

Always do the same routine

Doing the same series of exercises for a long time causes the body to become accustomed and this, over time, ceases to be effective. It is recommended that every day you exercise different muscle groups and combine the routine with other activities such as walking, aerobics, kickboxing or Zumba, for example.

Another reason to change every so often from routine is motivation. Being too comfortable within the same series of exercises means that you do not strain yourself and get bored. Putting new challenges keeps you stimulated. But keep in mind that the level of demand must be progressive to avoid injuries.

Do not use the right clothes and shoes

Although it seems logical, many people do not give it enough importance. Not wearing the right clothes can cause chafing or skin reactions such as blisters and allergies. On the other hand, not wearing the right shoes can lead to more serious injuries such as sprains or inflammation of the tendons.

Wear sportswear made of breathable materials that allow you freedom of movement. As for the shoes, choose resistant materials, with cushioning, that reduce the impact of footprints and have adequate support for the arch of the feet.

Do not stretchdoing physical activity

Spend a few minutes stretching after a training session is vital to end muscle tension. In this way cramps, physical discomfort the next day is avoided and the risk of suffering injuries and muscle overloads is reduced.

Spend ten minutes to stretch the parts of the body that you worked during the routine. At least 20 seconds each, with slow and relaxed movements. It is one of the mistakes when doing physical activity.

Do not eat after exercisingdoing physical activity

Eating food high in protein and carbohydrates within the first two hours after exercise causes the body to recover from energy expenditure.

Protein is essential to repair muscle tissue and you find it in foods. Such as chicken, eggs, fish, lean meats (low in fat), white beans and yogurt. Under medical supervision, protein shakes are also an option.

Carbohydrates allow the body to reload energy and are in fruits, bread, rice and other cereals.

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Not enough rest

Doing intense exercise every day of the week is not good. The muscles need a break to recover and process all that is given with training. The overload of exercise results in fatigue, muscle fatigue, and demotivation. Even high-performance athletes do not train every day. It is one of the best mistakes when doing physical activity.

Do not hydrate properly

Specialists in physical therapy and sports of the American Council of Exercise point out that those who do not drink water while exercising, are exposed to lack of fluid -because sweat causes water to be eliminated from the body-, decompensation and dry skin.

How much exercise should I do to be healthy?

Contrary to what many people think, it is not necessary to spend hours in the gym exercising to enjoy its benefits. The WHO says that only 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity is enough five days a week. The key is to perform the right practices.

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