Fruit at night, is it a good option

As we know, fruit is one of the products that can not be missing in our day to day. But on them, there are numerous opinions: When is it more advisable to consume it ?. Consuming fruit at night throws data as drastic as they can affect our sleep and subsequent rest.

Hence, today you will leave all doubt. We will tell you everything you need to know about drinking fruit at night. Without a doubt, it will be one of the healthiest options if we really know which ones to take. So, today we are going to erase some myths and improve others. Take good note of everything that follows, because it will interest you!

Why should not you take fruit at night?

When we ask ourselves if we can drink fruit at night, we always ask ourselves why. Broadly speaking, we can say that it is always a better option to consume it in the morning or midday as well as between hours. First, because it can be rich in sugars and as such, at night can raise blood sugar levels. Sugar can be stored in our body and hence the weight gain is somewhat consistent. So, forget about the bananas or mango. On the other hand, they will not be too good for digestion either. So, both the sugars and the heaviness of the stomach will be the main reasons for not consuming fruit at night. But with all of them will the same thing happen? Well, no. Read more

Fruit at night

Which fruits can be consumed at night and which ones can not?Fruit at night

The best thing is at night we choose all those that have a lot of water. In this way, they will keep our body more hydrated and favor digestion. Both the apple and the pear are perfect for the last hours of the day. In addition to healthy also exercise a satiating power. This will mean that we do not have to attack the refrigerator just before we lie in bed. They will also fight the retention of liquids, well, they are enough reasons to convince us. Keep reading

Of course, on the other hand, we have the fruits that we really should not take at night. It was always said that the orange in the morning is gold, at noon silver and at night, it kills. This symbolizes the parts of the day in which we can take it and the part that does not. More than anything because citrus fruits are more acidic and this influences digestion and as such, in our quality of sleep. But not only oranges but lemons or kiwis. Continue reading- 6 best nutrients you need after age 4…

Yes to the fruit at nightFruit at night

After all this information, we must make a conclusion. If you like fruit you should not avoid it at night. Yes, it is true that it is one of the parts of the day when we must control more what we eat. Remember that it is preferable not to make copious dinners. A little protein in the form of meat or fish as well as vegetables is one of the perfect combinations. But if you want a fruit dessert, then opt for those that are full of water, with little sugar and not citrus.

Healthy fruits at nightFruit at night

Anyway, avoid eating them just before going to sleep. They all need some time to digest. In addition, some of them can also make us relax. Something we will appreciate since it is not always achieved in another way. Thus, we can get adequate food, and what is more important, balanced for our body to work perfectly. Now you will know that the answer to whether you can take fruit at night is yes, but always knowing which one you take.

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