The perfect exercise routine to overcome the summer

Just a few days to end the summer and officially receive the arrival of autumn. We are entering a new season and there is no better time than this to propose new challenges and new routines with which to achieve our objectives. Healthy living can be one of them and it is a perfect way to face the excesses of summer and start the new season with much desire and motivation. We share the perfect exercise routine to overcome the summer.

Perfect exercise routine after summer

The return to the office or class is hard after the summer sun and beach days, but the truth is that it makes it a lot easier for us to get going with our sports and eating habits. And is that having a marked schedule, we will have a better organization to not fail in our exercise routine.

If you want to resume these habits or start putting them into practice, the first thing you have to take into account is an adequate weekly planning, in which we include small advances and clear goals. In this way, we will know what intensity of exercise we have to follow each day.

Cardio exercisesperfect exercise

During the summer we usually spend more time resting and in most cases, the sport is in a quite forgotten plane. Therefore, the best thing to reactivate our body is to begin to move it gradually with soft cardio exercises.

Devote about 20 or 30 minutes a day to fast walking or jogging to begin to take resistance and burn all the calories of more we have consumed during the summer. If you prefer, you can bet on another type of cardio exercise such as cycling, starting also for a moderate time and speed.

Practice these cardio perfect exercises about 4 or 5 days a week and spend the rest of the days letting the muscle rest. In addition, it is very important that you do not forget to perform a good stretch before and after physical activity.

Toning exercisesperfect exercise

Although we think that with cardio is what we will get rid of those extra calories, we have to combine this type of exercise with another toning to get a good result.

Toning legs and glutesperfect exercise

One of the most complete exercises to tone legs and buttocks are squats. We can do different series of about 15 or 20 repetitions and increase with the passing of the weeks. In addition, we can include some weight to increase intensity and achieve better objectives.

Toning abdomenperfect exercise

The abdomen must be strong during all the time we practice sports and thus we will achieve greater strength and toning. Even so, we must include some series of only abdominals to improve the work of this area of the body. You need to maintain the perfect exercise routine.

We can start with the classic abdominal push-ups lying on a mat and increase the number of sets as we progress. We advise you, too, that to work the whole area of the core you bet for sit-ups or you dare with the hypopressive abs. Soon you will begin to notice good results.

Toning arms and backperfect exercise

We can not forget the arms and the back, doing a series of specific exercises for these muscles. To work the arms we advise you to do something with weight, not much, and do many repetitions in a row. With series of about 30 repetitions, we will be able to tone the arms doing biceps and triceps exercises. You need to maintain the perfect exercise routine.

For the back, we can start with exercises of rowing or lifting of lumbar and dorsal. As soon as we have activated the area we will add weight to increase the intensity since it is a fairly large muscle.

Feedingperfect exercise

We do not have anything to wear a sports routine if then we do not follow a healthy and balanced diet. To be in shape we need a combination of both factors and keep them with perseverance and overcoming.

Take advantage of the new season to dare new healthy recipes and carry out a weekly planning of your menu. So you can follow a healthy and varied diet in an easier way.

Start the fall season in the best way and cheer up with your sports and nutrition routine to face the summer months. In the fashion and sports shops of Dos Mares, you will find everything you need to start exercising. Get going!


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