10 Options To Start A Fitness Life

Whoever has a fitness life raise their hands … nobody? Bad news, girls; physical inactivity is the fourth risk factor in global mortality. And, according to the WHO, at least 60% of the world’s population does not carry out the physical activity necessary to obtain health benefits.

The WHO recommends that children and young people spend at least 60 minutes a day in moderate to vigorous physical activity. In the adolescence stage, exercise can become a great ally to face physical and emotional changes, but it is important to have the supervision of a coach to avoid injuries, especially if you want to start a routine in the gym, something It is recommended to start from the age of 13.

Changing habits and incorporating an exercise routine from small to adulthood is essential to avoid physical deterioration as a consequence of aging. Exercise is for everyone, and if you don’t know what activity to do, Club Mundet invites you to participate in one of the following sports to start a fitness life :

For children and adolescents:Start A Fitness Life

Swimming: One of the most complete sports, its practice can be started at any age. It has multiple benefits and all body muscles are worked. It also helps motor coordination, as well as the circulatory and respiratory system.Start A Fitness Life

Karate: Beyond a sport, self-defense or colored ribbons, karate can be a philosophy of life to achieve personal balance. These teachings become an educational system, where children learn discipline, respect, and tolerance while strengthening the bone and muscular systems, improving reflexes, and acquiring skills.

Soccer: It allows the little ones to develop their physical skills, win new friends, have fun. Improve their self-esteem, and work as a team. Its practice requires constant movement, so it improves endurance, speed, and agility.

Dance: Children can express and create through the rhythmic movement of their bodies. Participating in dance or dance helps them communicate their mood, feelings, or thoughts. On a physical level, it improves your motor coordination, in addition to exercising various parts of the body.

Triathlon: Although it is true that, to practice triathlon, resistance is required by combining three disciplines (swimming, cycling, and athletics), this training is designed according to the age of each child and is supervised by qualified teachers in these areas.

For adults:

Park Hitt: It is a functional program of high-intensity exercises in short intervals. This done outdoors, where you can burn 1000 calories per class. It integrates various disciplines to achieve results in a short time. It includes spinning, athletics, soccer, boxing, and some parkour exercises, among others.

Reformer: After so many hours of sitting at work. You need an activity to help you keep back pain away, Reformer will help you feel good. The main objective is to improve balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, and correct posture. By means of a pilates machine, the exercises are precise, dynamic, and directed to work the whole body.

Tennis: A sport in which you can work alone or in a team, helps you improve agility, strength, flexibility, coordination, and strengthen the musculoskeletal system. In addition, in each training or competition. It will help you control pressure and nerves, an important part that we have to manage in daily life.

If you are over 50:

In adults over 50 years, exercise helps improve cardiorespiratory, muscle, bone health. Reduce the risk of non-communicable diseases and cognitive decline.

Routine in Gym or Indoors: An appropriate routine is based on the needs of each person, there are two styles of exercise: those with high impact, are characterized by the fact that during the activity the two feet no longer have contact with the ground, they imply training with one strong pressure on the body such as running, jumping; those with low impact, physical activities in which at least one foot has contact with the floor, exercises without complexity with fewer possibilities of suffering pain, ideal for the elderly.

Gyrokinesis: This practice combines the benefits of yoga, dance, gymnastics. And tai chi, wherewith the help of a bench or a chair. Movements in a circle or spiral are performed that activate the muscles and joints. In the same way, it incorporates breathing techniques that provide rhythm and fluidity to each group of exercises.

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