8 good habits for a healthy life

8 good habits for a healthy life. I do not have life insurance, so I’m very interested in staying healthy. So today I did some research: I found the first causes of death, organizing them to analyze them. Some cannot be controlled (age, diseases to which the family is subject, gender). But others do, and I’m not really surprised: you already know you do not have to smoke, drink too much or eat badly. It is interesting to note, however, that all the most common diseases have the same causes: smoking, diet, exercise, alcohol, and stress. Below is a list of the habits you can change to live a healthy life, along with a simple method to do it.


Stop smoking

for a healthy life

This, among all, is the most important, since it is present in almost all causes of death. And it is also the most difficult habit to lose. I’ve stopped for six years, here my advice. It is one of the good habits for a healthy life.

Lose weightfor a healthy life

(if you are overweight). This is not exactly a habit – the best habit of losing weight is to eat less. Or eat more things that contain fewer calories, like fruits and vegetables. Being overweight is just under the smoke among the causes of death. It is one of the good habits for a healthy life. Continue reading-6 healthy sandwiches to enjoy at work

Exercisefor a healthy life

You do not need to tell me to exercise, but feel here: lack of exercise is a major cause of heart problems, stroke, cancer of the colon and rectum, diabetes, breast cancer, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. If you do not exercise, it is as if you wanted to take some bad on it. Exercise is almost a magic pill: do it every day and you’ll be fit. You do not need much, start with 5 minutes a day in the morning. It is one of the good habits for a healthy life.

Drink in moderationfor a healthy life

Too much alcohol – more than 2 dink for males and 1 for females – is the highest risk factor for many diseases. A glass of red wine does not hurt, but if they are too many the risk of disease arises. It is one of the good habits for a healthy life.

Remove the red meat and processed meatfor a healthy life

Eating red meats and processed meats such as sausages, bacon, canned meat and the like leads to the risk of colon / rectal cancer, stomach cancer and high cholesterol, which in turn is a risk factor for coronary problems and strokes. Although this thing does not go down to many people, there is plenty of research that confirms it. What I recommend is to become a vegetarian. It is one of the good habits for a healthy life.

Eat fruits and vegetables

for a healthy life

This is obvious, but it’s amazing to notice how much people eat little vegetables. Eating fruits and vegetables reduces the risk of many diseases, and is one of the easiest habits to take. Eat a salad (not too seasoned with bacon or other meat, croutons or cheese), add vegetables to soups or vegetarian chili, cook vegetables to eat as a side dish for lunch or dinner. Eat fruit for breakfast and as a snack.

Reduce salt and fatfor a healthy life

Salt and fat are present in many ready or processed foods and increase the risk of high blood pressure and high cholesterol, which in turn lead to heart problems and strokes. Regardless of what many say on the internet, saturated fats are not good. Note that this is not a controversy in the medical community, but the harmlessness of saturated fats is something that continues to tell the industries of meat and dairy products and authors not experts in the field. Cook at home instead of eating out or consuming ready-made products.

Reduce stressfor a healthy life

Stress is a risk factor for heart problems and pressure, which in turn is a risk factor for strokes. Simplify your work days so you do not get too stressed, and practice reducing stress. It is one of the good habits for a healthy life.


All this seems to involve a lot of work if you are not already doing it, but let me tell you something: I have changed all this over the last 6 years. In 2005 I did not live a healthy life. Then I learned how to change my habits, and slowly:

– Stopped smoking

– Started running

– Became vegan

-Lost 30 pounds

-Fixed my diet and I got rid of all that is not healthy

– Have simplified my life by reducing stress

-Limited alcohol, drinking at most one or two glasses of wine a day.

-I did it, and you can do it too. I changed one thing at a time, without haste and with small steps, and it was not difficult. Do not try to change everything in one go, and do not make it a burden. In fact, it is very easy if you have patience and if you really want to start.

Here’s how to change habits:

-Change it one at a time. It does not matter from which matches. Choose one, even if you would like to start with more than one.

-Create positive habits that you like. Read the last words: if you like something, it will be easier to make it something more habitual. Replace the smoke with something you like and that meets the previously satisfied need of smoking (stress reduction, social lubrication, killing boredom and the like). Replace the red meat with healthy food that you like.

-Start with smaller steps as possible. Do something for 5 minutes for the first week, trying to be as constant as possible. Then move on to 10. Small changes are undoubtedly the most efficient method I’ve ever used to change my habits. The small changes are those that last.

-Make it a public thing. Find a partner or group that wants to change habits with you, so it will be easier to do it.

-All of this works. I did it over and over again and every time I followed these principles it worked.

Living a healthy life is not impossible or too difficult. It’s just slower to get that people are willing to wait.

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Hi, I am JEFFREY Dawson; I am an entrepreneur, father, mentor, and adventurer passionate about life. At this moment, I am working with depression and anxiety.

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