The 5 best but not very known foods you should start eating this summer

The 5 best but not very known foods you should start eating this summer. It is known that one of the most effective ways to improve one’s eating habits is to reduce the consumption of red meat and sugary foods. But what could we rather add to improve health? Our list contains little-known elements, but all useful for our health or for that of the planet. Many of these are a valid proposal for a summer meal, both for salads and on the grill.

1.The fruit of the Bread Treefoods

The fruit of the Bread Tree is found everywhere in regions with warm, humid, sunny climate, like that of the Pacific islands. It has the size of a soccer ball and is enclosed in a peel covered by a geometric texture of spikes. When opened, it looks like a giant kiwi, but the inner pulp is yellowish. Some indicate the fruit of the Bread Tree as “the perfect candidate to face hunger in the world “, and it is easy to understand why. According to the Hawaiian Breadfruit Institute, these trees are easy to grow (they do not need seeds, just a root, and some water), and start to fructify after 3-5 years. They are excellent: the fruit of the Bread Tree is rich in carbohydrates, energy-makers, but poor in fats, and a single fruit contains the

2.The chicoryfoods

Instead of adding cabbage to your salad, try the chicory. It is a tasty ingredient for any dish. Chicory is also a good source of fiber, vitamins, folate, and zinc, and is low in calories. A bowl of chicory reaches a maximum of seven calories. Chicory has been added to the ” bomb food ” list by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The foods on this list contain many key nutrients in the face of reduced calories and are linked to a  reduction in the risk of chronic diseases. Some studies suggest that people who eat more tend to be thinner and live longer than those who use it rarely or not at all.  Continue reading-“”

3. Jackfruitfoods

In the markets of the world,d you could see vendors opening and slicing monstrous yellow globes , called jackfruit , to remove fleshy bulbs from the inside of the fruit, then sold by weight. Raw and ripe, they taste halfway between a mango and a pineapple. Unripe jackfruit can also be grated, seasoned, cooked and served as an alternative to meat. I tasted it , recently. They were really tasty , as consistency reminded me of pork meat with a taste of a palm heart and Korean kimchi . Many experts claim that jackfruit is miraculous, since many parts of the fruit are used , in a versatile and nutritious way. The pulp is rich in calcium, iron and potassium, and contains few fats. Seeds are a good source of protein .

4.The watercressfoods

The first food on the CDC’s “bomb food” list is a vegetable that you may never have heard of. The watercress is easy to grow … and is a good ingredient for salads. In 2012, a meta-analysis based on the results of five different studies. Involving more than 179,000 people, found a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes in people who eat fruit and vegetables compared to those who eat these foods little watercress and other leaf vegetables played an important role in surveys, and their importance increased as the study progressed.

5.The foodslion fish

Lionfish, originating from the Western Pacific are today an invasive species in the Caribbean, the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. They are omnivorous , and have put in difficulty the delicate biological balance of these seas. Experts attribute the problem to decades of uncontrolled releases of specimens from domestic aquariums. And believe that the best solution for controlling the current population is to eat them. The National Geographic describes the meat of the lion fish. Which has among other things a dorsal fin velenos in for humans – as “juicy and buttery”. Florida fishermen are trying to grow a market for this fish which often remains a prisoner in lobster pots.


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