The best tips for a healthy life

Obviously, there are no absolute formulas to achieve a better and healthy life. But there are some tips that can help us greatly improve our quality of life and avoid the main causes of premature death, such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. Below are ten simple tips to be able to lead a healthy life.

Here are the best tips for a healthy life

Learn to eat correctlyhealthy life

Diet is undoubtedly a risk factor that can cause diseases and, conversely, can help us to live healthy and happy for a long time if we follow some simple guidelines. First, it is necessary to avoid unhealthy fats, replacing them with healthy fats such as those present in nuts or in some vegetables such as the delicious avocado. You should also reduce your food intake with cholesterol and sodium and avoid sugars to a large extent.  Foods with protein, fiber and fruits and vegetables should be part of a healthy diet. In addition, you have to drink at least two liters of water a day to keep the body hydrated and that it can perform all its functions efficiently.

Start practicing exercise on a regular basishealthy life

In addition to diet, exercise and staying active is also a determining factor when it comes to achieving good health. Everyone knows that exercise is necessary and beneficial, but not everyone practices it. Almost 25% of Spaniards do not perform any kind of physical activity, nor walk for an hour. Practicing 30 minutes of daily exercise, which may be simply walking, for about five days a week, leaving two to rest, will greatly improve the health of any person by  reducing the risk of suffering from any type of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even having a stroke Children will have to do at least one hour of exercise, which will also help them stay mentally stable and improve their character.

Control blood cholesterolhealthy life

It is essential to know the level of cholesterol in the blood since it is the only way we have to be able to make sure that our arteries are not blocked. If this happens, it could lead to a stroke or heart attack. People who have the hereditary gene that makes them produce a lot of LDL cholesterol should be especially careful, avoiding saturated fats and trans fats and eating foods low in cholesterol, in addition to exercising a lot and maintaining a healthy weight. It helps you to lid a healthy life. Continue reading- 6 tips for a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery

Monitor blood pressurehealthy life

Second, high blood pressure will also have to be controlled since it is a very important risk factor for heart disease. If you have hypertension, the blood will flow too hard,  being able to affect the vital organs, while if the blood pressure is maintained at a normal level, it will be much more difficult to present any type of cardiovascular problem.

It is recommended to eat little salt, exercise frequently, control weight and also stress, reduce the consumption of alcohol and if you are a smoker, cut the roots with tobacco.

Lose weight if you need ithealthy life

It should be noted that if you are overweight or obese is much easier than you can have other diseases. If you have more weight than you should, you will be very likely to have cholesterol, hypertension and even diabetes. In addition,  obesity in itself is a very strong risk, since you can suffer cardiovascular problems with much more safety,  although the rest of health indicators were correct. With a Body Mass Index higher than 25 you should start to control the weight, but if this is more than 30, the risk of suffering heart problems becomes really high.

Monitor and control your sugar levelshealthy life

No doubt many people currently live with diabetes, since it is a disease that can be treated but the simple fact of suffering greatly increases the chances of having a stroke or heart attack so the best way to not develop this problem will be to prevent its appearance controlling the level of blood sugar since young.

If you have a healthy level of sugar the vital organs of any person will be better. And you will be able to live longer and healthier. It is recommended to reduce the consumption of simple sugars, exercise regularly and take the medication that is necessary.

Stop smokinghealthy life

If you are still one of the few people who continue to smoke, it does not matter that you comply with the rest of the tips on this list. Because tobacco is undoubtedly related to a large number of premature deaths. The lungs will thank you, your circulatory system will thank you and of course your circulatory system too.  So do not think about it anymore and, if you really want to lead a healthy life: quit smoking.

Protect yourself  from external agents and other factors

To avoid all types of accidents you should protect yourself both in the car, using the seat belt. And at work or anywhere you may need the use of harnesses or helmets. If you are going to sunbathe use sunscreen and do not stop using moisturizer. If you want to keep your skin protected and avoid diseases. In the months of the abundance of insects, use repellents to avoid their bites. As for sexual relations, keep them always healthy. And with caution and prepare a first aid kit or supplies in case you might need it on occasion.

Say goodbye to stresshealthy life

Living stressed does not help anyone, and is undoubtedly a risk factor that can lead to different diseases. Try to maintain a proper balance between family-work-leisure time and always maintain a positive attitude towards life. Take as much time as you can to relax when you need to.  And nap whenever you want, between seven and nine hours each night. If you need help or some type of psychological attention. Look for it and use the therapies that you need to favor your relaxation. Such as attending yoga or pilates classes.

Visit your doctor on a regular basis

You can always ask your doctor what direct actions you can do to reduce or minimize your health problems. Also,  do not forget to attend the doctor’s appointment on a regular basis,  to perform the exams that are your touch. To give you the vaccines that are necessary and to perform blood and urine tests whenever necessary. If you notice any anomaly, check with the doctor and do not self-medicate. As a good professional will always give you the best possible solution. It can help you to run healthy life.

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