Headache due to heat: how to prevent it from getting the upper hand

The cold and rainy days of May prompted us to desire the heat like never before. But now that a sunny period is announced. It will be well to remember that headaches. And heat can be closely related.

Without extending the discussion to a form of “meteoropathy”. We can certainly say that direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight. Or simply the increase in temperature can trigger. Or aggravate the symptoms of headache. Here are the tips to prevent headache due to heat.

Research on the relationship between headache and heat

Headache due to heat: how to prevent it from getting the upper hand

The confirmation also comes from recent research published in the journal Neurology. Here it is shown how the heat increases the risk of migraine or headache. And even with an increase of 5 degrees centigrade this risk increases by as much as 7.5%. It is one of the best tips to prevent headache due to heat.

Furthermore, there is a correlation between the rise in temperature. And headaches in those who already suffer from migraine or other forms of headache. But it is good to clarify that this pathology can also appear in those who do not normally experience any particular problems. This is because in general the heat and humidity cause a slight acceleration of blood flow, which leads to headaches.

The remedies to combat hot headaches

There are natural remedies to combat the heat. And, therefore, limit the onset of the headache related to it. Meanwhile it is worth pointing out that the headaches from hot presents with symptoms very similar to the classic headache, a short stabbing pain.

In other cases, the pain may be accompanied by chills, nausea. And vomiting: in this situation, however, a doctor should be immediately heard because these symptoms could hide a more serious problem. It is one of the best tips to prevent headache due to heat.

Among the remedies to be followed, a leading role certainly plays the power supply. In fact. There are foods capable of triggering headaches. To which we must pay more attention in summer. If we suffer from this particular type of headache.

The foods in question are: exciting drinks such as coffee, sausages (containing nitrites as preservatives) but also alcohol. On the contrary, it is recommended to consume fruit. And vegetables, known for its rich content of mineral salts and vitamins. It is one of the best tips to prevent headache due to heat.

Then, of course, it is necessary to limit exposure to the sun: to avoid the hottest hours of the day, to wear a hat, to use fresh and light clothes. But above all to drink water frequently, not too cold, to recover the liquids that are lost with sweat.
Limit activity or physical effort under the sun. And in any case always away from the hottest hours.

In the event that the hot headache has in any case materialized, a remedy is to use a cold water pack: it is sufficient to place an ice bag on the sore spot until the water temperature reaches the body temperature.

And finally, an old “grandmother’s remedy”: soak feet and legs in cold water. Immersion has decongestant effects that relieve headaches. And also provides a pleasant sensation of freshness.

Headache and sunstroke

As explained by Dr. Vincenzo Tullo, a specialist neurologist. And the head of an ambulatory on headaches of Humanitas LAB, beyond migraines or hot headaches. There is also another danger, heat stroke. It is one of the best tips to prevent headache due to heat.

“Under the sun you can feel a sensation of numbness, heaviness, but it is not a headache disabling as migraine. The pain is more bearable, at least we are in the field of tensive headaches: the body gets tired because it increases sweating and heartbeat. All of which the body tries to compensate for the heat “. So? Let us defend ourselves by drinking a lot and covering our heads.


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