Five healthy alternatives to white sugar

The excessive consumption of sugar in the daily diet is harmful to health, being responsible for the appearance of multiple diseases such as diabetes. Nowadays, this is nothing new. Several studies indicate that the consumption of sugar alters the functioning of the organism, causing hormonal imbalances, modifying the adequate level of insulin in the blood and increasing obesity and the conditions derived from it. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends not exceeding 25 grams of sugar per day. There are 5 alternatives to white sugar we share.

It is true that until relatively recently the alternatives to white sugar were very limited and were reduced to saccharin, cyclamate, mixtures of both or brown sugar (a type of sugar that, despite all that has been said, has no more benefits than white sugar). However, at the moment, the options are much more varied and they are imposed little by little, but with force in the society. It is true that not all are caloric (hopefully), but what is totally certain is that they are healthier. Still, do not know how you can substitute white sugar in your daily diet? We give you five healthy alternatives to sugar so you can sweeten your life without harming your health.

The best alternatives to white sugar

1. Stevia alternatives to white sugar

It is an herb with a taste about 300 times sweeter than sugar itself. The good news is that it has no calories and, in addition, not only does it not increase blood glucose levels, but it seems to regulate them, making it a perfect alternative for diabetics and sugar addicts.

If you had to choose between aspartame or saccharin, of chemical origin and with possible side effects and even carcinogenic, and stevia, do not hesitate: stevia always. Although, eye! You have to be very careful when purchasing this sweetener: do not buy it in the form of liquid or sachets, because they are usually artificial. You can get it in many health food stores as a living plant, in pots, and from it, you can take leaves when you need them. They also sell dried leaves, with which you can prepare an infusion to drink directly or to use as a sweetener in any other drink or recipe.

Another much more comfortable option, although also something more expensive, is the natural extract of stevia in drops . A millimeter drop is more than enough to sweeten, for example, a cup of coffee, so it is worth spending the money because it spreads a lot.

2. Maple syrupalternatives to white sugar

Also known as Maple, it comes from the trees found in maple forests in Canada and north of the United States. The sap that is acquired in these forests is boiled and when the water evaporates. You get that kind of liquid caramel that is usually used, for example. To accompany the typical pancakes with cream or ice cream.

Maple syrup is expensive, but it is an excellent substitute for sugar due to its contribution of fructose and glucose, without added sugar, in addition to its delicious flavor to sweeten our dishes. The alternative of using maple syrup is very successful to control our sugar levels since it provides fewer calories than other natural sweeteners (about 250 calories per 100 grams). In addition, it offers fundamental minerals such as zinc, magnesium, calcium and potassium, proteins, riboflavin, and more than twenty antioxidants. Of course, you also have to be very careful when buying it: if you see a very cheap maple syrup it means that it contains high levels of sugar and artificial colors.

3. Agave Syrupalternatives to white sugar

It is extracted from a plant similar in appearance to the cactus that has its origin in Mexico. Its juice, similar to that of Aloe Vera, is very sweetening since it has 75% fructose and 25% glucose. Its glycemic index is 35, less than half the rate of refined sugar that is 65. This means that the body digests it and absorbs it much more slowly. Which means that instead of experiencing sudden spikes in insulin levels. And glucose rise more slowly. It can be used in the same way as honey since its consistency is similar. Its disadvantage is that it has more calories than conventional white sugar. But is much sweeter, it is used in smaller quantities, which lowers the caloric intake. It is the best alternatives to white sugar.

4. Honeyalternatives to white sugar

As everyone knows it is a completely natural substance made by bees from the pollen of plants. It is an important source of energy, but we must also highlight its great contribution of carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, which make it a fundamental food for the body. Among its many benefits is to have expectorant properties, improve digestion or relieve cough. It is true that it has more calories than white sugar. But it is also sweeter, so the amounts you need will be lower. It is best to buy organic or natural honey, locally produced in farms or fields. And dispose of industrial manufacturing. They usually have many added ingredients that eliminate their essential nutrients. It is one of the best alternatives to white sugar.

5. Coconut sugaralternatives to white sugar

It is extracted from the sweet nectar of the flowers of the coconut palm tree. Its main characteristic is its low glycemic index, equal to that of agape syrup (35). Being a perfect alternative to white sugar. It is rich in potassium, magnesium, zinc, and iron and is a natural source of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and C. In addition, it contains 16 of the 20 essential amino acids. The one with the highest amount is glutamine. This amino acid allows us to maintain an acid/alkaline balance in our body. And helps us control the impulses of eating sweet foods. Coconut sugar has a delicious flavor that you can combine with any dessert, smoothie, vegetable milk or infusion. The best thing is that it is the most natural and sustainable sugar since comes from an ecologically beneficial tree.


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