7 reasons why you should eat a diet of fish. There are many types of food, although the diet is not one of the most known pescetariana. As you can imagine by name, this type of diet is basically a vegetarian diet including fish and seafood. Pescetarians obtain their protein intake through fish, eggs, dairy products, and vegetable sources. You can get many benefits if you decide to switch to this type of food, and then we will reveal all of them.

As with any diet, you must follow certain guidelines. If we want to take care of our planet, we can not abuse fish. Similarly, experts recommend taking 3 servings of fish per week to avoid polychlorinated biphenyls. And heavy metals (typical in tuna, swordfish, and shark). Whenever possible. It consumes low-food-grade shellfish, such as sardines, anchovies, clams, mussels, and prawns.

You will introduce anti-inflammatory fats to your diet7 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD EAT A DIET OF FISH

Omega-3 essential fatty acids are anti-inflammatory. And are not usually present in most diets that are based on cereals, refined oils, red meats, and sugars. All of these foods cause inflammation in the body and. If consumed in large quantities in the long term, can cause heart disease or autoimmune diseases. It is one of the best tips for a diet of fish.

In contrast, foods from the diet such as cod, salmon, eggs, nuts, and seeds contain high amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids, so they can help reduce inflammation in the body. Following a diet with these foods can increase energy, health and promote weight loss.

You will improve blood lipid levels

According to the American Heart Association, introducing fatty fish twice a week can reduce triglyceride levels. A study, conducted by the University of Finland, showed that increasing the intake of fatty fish between three and four meals a week increased the concentrations of HDL (good) cholesterol. It is one of the best tips for a diet of fish.

You will get vitamins D and B-127 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD EAT A DIET OF FISH

When you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, it can be difficult to obtain vitamins D and B-12. Vitamin D is essential for the health of teeth and bones, in addition to keeping the immune system under control. On the other hand, vitamin B-12 is necessary for the production of energy. Sardines, salmon, tuna, and cod contain a higher concentration of vitamin B-12, compared to terrestrial animals. Even salmon has a higher vitamin D content than cow’s milk.

You will eliminate antibiotics and growth hormones from your diet

In the farm animal industry, antibiotics are used in excess to prevent animals from falling ill. If we consume fish and shellfish fresh and sustainably, we will be eliminating growth hormones and antibiotics. It is estimated that each year they use more than 29 million euros in antibiotics for animals. Due to this overuse, bacteria become resistant to antibiotics and can cause infections in humans.

You will be more friendly with the environment

Following the previous reason, by reducing the consumption of food from industrial farms, we will be protecting the environment better. Take into account the number of natural resources (such as water) spent on industrial farms, and the amount of pollution they can produce. In addition to the cutting of rainforests to raise livestock and greenhouse gases emitted by factories. It is one of the best tips for a diet of fish.

You will surprise your palate7 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD EAT A DIET OF FISH

Performing a full-fledged diet can help you think about where your food comes from and the way you have prepared the dish. You would be surprised to learn that 99% of the meat you find in the market comes from industrial farm animals, which live in horrific conditions before arriving at the slaughterhouse. It is one of the best tips for a diet of fish.

Some of them are sick when they arrive, but their sale is allowed as food. When we focus on the intake of fresh seafood, you are choosing more carefully and taking care of your health and the planet.

The diet pescetariana can be less expensive

Eating a diet based mainly on plants can be much easier for the pocket than omnivorous diets, especially paleo diets that focus on high-quality animal products. Protein sources are often the most expensive products, as are high-quality fish and shellfish. It is one of the best tips for a diet of fish.

Luckily, these foods do not need to be consumed regularly. Eating fish two or three times a week may be enough to give the body the benefits of a fish diet. Good advice to save money, if you have a budget, is to buy salmon tuna fish in a sustainable way (or canned sardines) that will be cheaper than fresh and frozen.


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